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Service for Students

Consultancy and Lifestyle
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Our consultants have over 30 years of experience and having graduated from ivy league universities themselves hence increasing the chances of successful admission. Our specialists can advise on everything from nurseries, kindergartens to schools and universities. Their in-depth acumen about the admission process and connections, along with detailed analysis of every applicant, have ensured successful admissions into the finest kindergartens, schools, and universities in the world's most desirable locations.

Languages / Oxbridge Admissions Tests / Music / IELT/ Common entrance / 7+, 11+, 13+ / GCSEs / A levels / IB Diploma / SAT & ACTs / GMAT/ GRE/ MCAT/ DAT/ TOEFL /PCAT/ LSAT /OAT /

Benefits of using Student concierge services


Lifestyle Management

We know how time-consuming and frustrating daily tasks can be and how these tasks hinder the ability to perform academically. Our goal is to manage the student after he or she reaches university. When they attend school in any of the countries we have a network in, we serve as guardians to ensure that they have a close-knit support system near them. It implies a constant and concise engagement with every student, his / her family, mentors, educators, and consultants throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to give us a call anytime— whether in case of emergency or for just saying "hello."


Preparation for work

With Conexe, our services don't stop when your child graduates; we have bespoke packages to help them enter the real world, whether it is getting a job for the first time or joining their family businesses. The main goal is to help them develop the necessary skills and also identify their strengths and weaknesses. We have direct and personal connections to many of the most successful companies worldwide in various fields and countries.


Academic Support

Alongside all our services we offer one of our main services are to provide a wide range of specialist support for all our students, ranging right from Our private tuition which by the most renowned teachers and professors from all around the world which covers all age groups and various curricula, We also have a mentor system. Hence, each student has one in the field he or she wants to go towards; psychometric Evaluations, relocation services for both students and parents, Summer Camp Assistance are just a few of the extra ways to provide your family support.


Early Years

Many parents have their minds set on a particular school, nursery, or kindergartens, and we work towards that by guiding you through every step of the process, and also our bespoke packages are tailored to meet your individual requirements.


School Placement

Parents, choosing between schools to send your child is a critical and complex decision. Our Education Specialist will also discuss your needs and requirements by thoroughly assessing your child's current academic standing, guiding the child with Academic Assessments, organizing school visits and interview preparation for students, and finally managing the application until the desired outcome is achieved.


University Placement

Applying to university can be an intimidating process as there are so many different kinds of admission processes for different countries and an extreme amount of competition. Our specialists guide students through the entire application process with our analysis of past applications and future aspirations, ensuring they end up at the university that's best for them, whether they are looking to study abroad or close to home. We take care of everything from the initial consultation, University Search and Course Finding, Personal Statement assistance, which is one of the most important things in the application, and finally, all the administrative work, which we call application management.

Services for


There has been an unprecedented rise in private concierge services. With the advent of technology and the demand for ownership experience, new concierge companies are evolving rapidly to offer their affluent customers with outstanding services 24/7. Mighty and rich men and women know that time is their most valuable resource.


Studying abroad is exciting, but it can be overwhelming to prepare for your arrival, because of the amount of preparation necessary for you and your parents. We aim to offer each student the support they need to feel secure and comforted. Our programs are designed to ensure the best possible experience for your stay.


Since people are getting more involved and busier in today's corporate environment, it becomes imperative to have someone to run your personal errands. Speaking of your own working schedule, we bet it often leads you with no time for yourself. being able to save a few hours a week doing whatever and wherever you want is pure bliss!

Thank you for getting my son’s admission into his dream university
We are very happy with the services that we have received. We will surely use them again and we will be more than happy recommending them to our family and friends.
You have truly created a process and a team that simultaneously expedites, accelerates and humanizes moving from one home to another.
What you all did today, truly would have taken me 3-6 months without you! My new place already feels like home. Thanks so very much.
You have been such an enormous help to me, both mentally and physically.
Thank you so much. Having your help this year has changed my life!
This is the best consultancy I ever seen. The team is very supportive and gets the desired results for you.
Excellent experience! Got my visa without much efforts from my side.
We were delighted with the tour guides and driver who were wonderful to us. Especially the attention to detail as upon learning of our granddaughter's birthday, bought her a book about birds which she loves and arranged an amazing birthday party by the beach

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