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Parents and students often face tough circumstances regarding the personal and logistical requirements, which are not uncommon to a boarding academy student. The schools do a great job of managing their students' daily lives, but there are many other events and circumstances for which they are not resourced and prepared. Having a caring guardian in the proximity to attend to every small or big need of your child can offer solace and tremendous peace of mind to you as boarding school students' parents.

Conexe directly partners with the school officials, educators, coaches, and wellness centers to provide the child with the best and comfortable experience while being away from home. When reacting and anticipating the changing needs of students and their families, one expects flexibility. A professional concierge service's main objective is to offer the best possible service to meet the needs of the children, thus alleviating parents from activities that are exceedingly challenging to manage from far across.


Studying abroad is exciting, but it can be overwhelming to prepare for your arrival because of the amount of preparation necessary for you and your parents. We aim to offer each student the support they need to feel secure and comforted. Our programs are designed to ensure the best possible experience for your stay.

We offer exclusive student packages that can be customized to meet the specific necessities or group of students. The process can start at home with preparatory work before they arrive in the state. Besides, we also provide up-to-date, knowledgeable guidance when choosing the right college.

We strive to deliver tailor-made student concierge services that have supported parents in every situation. Putting your faith in us doesn't only offer you peace of mind; it provides you with the liberty to explore your highest potential without being bothered by the trivial matters in your life. Unmistakably, we're highly efficient when it comes to essential tasks like taking the student to a medical practitioner or getting in when their homebound flight is postponed, and they lose all their money— More than anything, it's the personal touch that makes us stand out.

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