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Everything starts with our members

At Conexe Entertainment Group, we care more and we get more to offer to our discerning clients more than what they desire. We explore every possible option until the perfect experience has emerged. Our clients are not just numbers; they’re part of our extended family who are constantly seeking high quality and highly tailored luxury travel and concierge services.

The Luxury
of Time

In today’s fast-paced world, time has become one of our greatest luxuries. At the heart of our philosophy is the devotion to giving our members back time, so they can enjoy more of the things they love.

Our lifestyle managers will secure priority restaurant reservations, book that dream holiday, plan business trips and score last-minute tickets to the hottest events. We also tackle and take the stress out of those everyday tasks, from sourcing a well endorsed nanny, trustworthy tradesperson, highly recommended dog-walker, or an expert tutor, to buying the perfect gift for that special someone.


As the voice of luxury living, we are devoted to bringing more joy and meaning to the lives of our me­­­­­­­mbers, through the creation of memorable experiences

Our team of lifestyle managers will personalise and plan any package a member desires, be it a private meet-and-greet with a VIP or an A-list celebrity, sports star or top chef, an immersive experience with a seasoned adventurer, or a private party to remember forever.

Services for


There has been an unprecedented rise in private concierge services. With the advent of technology and the demand for ownership experience, new concierge companies are evolving rapidly to offer their affluent customers with outstanding services 24/7. Mighty and rich men and women know that time is their most valuable resource.


Studying abroad is exciting, but it can be overwhelming to prepare for your arrival, because of the amount of preparation necessary for you and your parents. We aim to offer each student the support they need to feel secure and comforted. Our programs are designed to ensure the best possible experience for your stay.


Since people are getting more involved and busier in today's corporate environment, it becomes imperative to have someone to run your personal errands. Speaking of your own working schedule, we bet it often leads you with no time for yourself. being able to save a few hours a week doing whatever and wherever you want is pure bliss!

Thank you for getting my son’s admission into his dream university
We are very happy with the services that we have received. We will surely use them again and we will be more than happy recommending them to our family and friends.
You have truly created a process and a team that simultaneously expedites, accelerates and humanizes moving from one home to another.
What you all did today, truly would have taken me 3-6 months without you! My new place already feels like home. Thanks so very much.
You have been such an enormous help to me, both mentally and physically.
Thank you so much. Having your help this year has changed my life!
This is the best consultancy I ever seen. The team is very supportive and gets the desired results for you.
Excellent experience! Got my visa without much efforts from my side.
We were delighted with the tour guides and driver who were wonderful to us. Especially the attention to detail as upon learning of our granddaughter's birthday, bought her a book about birds which she loves and arranged an amazing birthday party by the beach

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